Donate to the Server

Donations are an important part of keeping the server online. Pure Roleplay is a non profit server. All donations go into Pure Roleplay's paypal account, and are strictly used for server payments and upgrades. Donations are greatly appreciated. Donations are rewarded with one month of VIP. This gives you some perks in game without actually giving an advantage over other players. The VIP packages are listed below. All packages are for one month, all payments are in USD.

Bronze ($5.00)

-/toggold chat - make /b gold color
- vip chat
- VIP forum group/tag (Bronze color)
- Toggle PMs

Silver ($10.00)

- Everything in Bronze
- 50% off everything in the pricelist
- One free phone number change (support ticket)
- One free namechange (support ticket)
- VIP forum group/tag (Silver color)
- toggold also makes your global ooc chat gold

Gold ($25.00)

- Everything in Silver+Bronze
- One free interior mapping (Mapping Request)
- Double hours/exp
- Ability to make yourself OOC with a gold name (CAN BE REMOVED IF ABUSED)
- Free entry into businesses (the server will cover the cost)
- VIP forum group/tag (Gold color)
- Unlimited free namechanges
- One free phone number with 2 digits (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

NOTICE: The automated donation system is not yet set up. To request VIP, make a support ticket with the category "Donations"

SA-MP Server Status & Info

Status: Offline

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